Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Blogoversary Vlog, Part 5

Hey, we're halfway there! Not sure if we're living on a prayer, though. *shrugs* Well, this part has a bit of a different ending, so get ready! The first step to take would be to wear headphones. The second thing would be to find out which tracks I used:

What an amazing ending, wasn't it? Brings a tear to my eye every time I watch it. Thanks, Megan, for asking such a moving question.


  1. Wow. Just wow. That ending tho. . . T_T #theemotion #thefeels

    *wipes tears away* I eagerly await the next part! :D

  2. New Zealand is my dream vacation! (Mainly because it's where all the amazing fantasy movies are filmed. It's like a real live fantasy world. XD) But WOW! That is so insane how you reconnected with your friends. I've had so many internet friends disappear and I often wonder what happened to them. It's a miracle you FOUND them again! So cool!

    (The almost Infinity War joke though. XD I see what you did there.)

    I really liked your thoughts about John. Great things to ponder on!

    "I'm doing right by doing wrong." BWAHAHAHA! You need to write a villain whose slogan is that. XDDD

    What an emotional ending! Like wow. Such power. Such depth. How will I ever recover from this???
    (But I mean, you'll NEED a mustache if you become the aforementioned villain. It's SCIENCE.)

  3. That question about the 12 disciples is a good one. It's interesting, I notice most people answer 'Peter'.
    That villain question and answer is awesome! It's always more interesting when the villain thinks he is doing right.