Friday, June 22, 2018

Blogoversary Vlog, Part 1

Yes, the day is finally here. Last month, you guys submitted questions for me to answer in a Q&A vlog. Lemme tell you, I got a ton! But I promised to answer them all, so here we are.

As you probably know, the reason for this vlog was to celebrate The Steadfast Pen turning one year old. That thought still blows my mind. I look back to that Friday last year, when I finished up my first post before I headed off to work at one of city's gas stations. I anticipated coming home and checking to see who had all commented on my blog, and I was not disappointed.

If I had fast-forwarded one year, I'd never have guessed that I would be filming my second vlog for you all. It's been a fun journey, and I hope you've felt that way too.

So here you go, part one of ten! Starting today, you'll get one video per day, with July 1st being the last one. This process took a goodly amount of works, due to my computer and phone being finicky with each other during the import process. Also, editing and uploading ten videos that are all at least ten minutes long takes longer than you might think. Headphones are recommended! Here are the songs I used:

So what'd you think of this first part? Did I do better with the music volume than I initially did with my Humble Beginnings vlog? Are you looking forward to watching nine more videos of me chitter-chattering?


  1. It’s heeeeeere! :D :D :D
    That was awesome. I can’t wait for the next one! (Okay, I can wait a day. Just a day. xD)

    Music volume was excellent imo. :)

  2. IT'S HERE! YAAAY!!!! And wow, ten videos? You must have worked SO hard on this! Thank you for doing this for us.

    The music volume was much better, YES. I think you got it just right in this one. Also, my brother has that Zelda shirt! XD It's such an awesome one.

    Sorry for stumping you with my question. Lol. I'm so evil. But Lionheart's journey in Moonblood is an excellent answer! That was such a powerful book.

    Can't wait for tomorrow's video! :D

  3. Living through Moonblood would be some journey. I love that book. I'd hate to be in many of the characters' shoes, though.

    I've never read Ranger's Apprentice, but I keep hearing about this Halt character. He seems quite popular.

  4. Ahh, it's FINALLY here!!! I watched it right away, but I couldn't comment until now. :(

    But it was so good!! The volume was great - almost as perfect as your answers. XD And I may or may not have gasped loudly and grinned like a maniac when I heard there would be ten. :P But I'm really looking forward to the others! I haven't had time to watch them yet, but I'll be catching up and commenting over the next few days!

    This was so much fun to watch!! :D