Friday, April 27, 2018

The Conclusion /// Humble Beginnings, Part 9.3

And here we are, folks! This is the finale to the side-busting adventure we've had over the last week. I'm afraid I can't make a big show out of it or do a longer post, because it's Thursday night right now and I've got an early start to work tomorrow.

I will apologize in advance for two things. First off, when I split my video at one part to cut out a little clip, I only found out after I saved the whole project as a proper MP4 file that I just barely started to say my next sentence. So sorry for that awkwardness.

The second thing is that I may have made the outro a music just a tad too loud. My apologies if it is. Hopefully all of the songs are at an okay volume.

Like the other two posts, I recommend using headphones, and I'll provide a list of the songs I used:

So that's the end of it! What are your final thoughts? Was the vlog worth the wait? Now that I know how to properly make them, would you like to see more? (I'd happily make others!) If you could ever have another Humble Beginnings vlog, what would you want done differently? I know I read too fast or too incoherently at times. Whoops . . . But I hope the end result was good!


  1. That was totally worth it! And you did the impossible - you made it even better. :D However, now that you've shown how amazing you are at vlogging, I want to see more!! You wouldn't ever consider doing every post as a vlog, would you? Please?? :P

    I can't really think of anything I'd want changed, honestly. It might help if you slowed down just a bit, but you're still understandable. Oh, and the music in some cases could be just slightly quieter, but it was great. The Undertale music especially, of course. :D

    Oh, and I can't English to save my life, so it's nice to see I'm not alone. XD Why does language have to be so difficult, anyway? At least writing is semi-coherent. :D

    I was going to avoid sounding desperate, but that's not going to happen. :D So, when are you going to do another one of these?? The sarcasm is amazing, and you're even funnier on camera. You can't leave us with just one taste of this awesomeness, Josiah. That would be utterly cruel. So . . . when's the next one? XD


  2. Man, your violence is horrendous!!! lol. Speaking of scary dreams, I actually had one where there was a goat that was jumping around and it was all ominous and mysterious for some reason, and then it jumpscared me by randomly appearing at my face and I actually screamed/yelled in my sleep. This was several years ago.But I still remember it.

  3. I'm not lying by the way, as weird as that tale sounds.

  4. I'm so sad this is over! I absolutely LOVED watching all of these. The dabbin part was my fave. XDD And that violence. Wow! It honestly just amuses me endlessly. Young Josiah had...quite the imagination. Lol!

    But seriously, this was great! And I ABSOLUTELY want more Josiah vlogs. YES YES YES! These are fantastic. I love your posts AND your vlogs, so a mix of both would be amazing! :D

    Thank you so much for doing all this for us. I think your editing was great. I loved the Ragnarok music at the end of this one. I was just like, "RAGNAROK. YESSSH!" It fit perfectly!

    Can't wait for anymore future vlogs! :D