Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Even More Hilarity! /// Humble Beginnings, Part 9.2

All right, so here's a quick post for part 2 of my vlog! I apologize that the opening track was too loud last time. I had changed the volume for it to be quieter, but I guess I should've turned it down even more. I think I've fixed the issue for this one. I'm also sorry that that this wasn't up yesterday. By the time I went to bed (and it was later than usual when I'm working at 7am the next morning), the video still hadn't finished uploading to YouTube. *shrugs* Whatcha gonna do?

As before, I recommend using headphones to make the experience even better. I'll also link the music to my post just in case.

So what are your thoughts on this part? Was it funnier than the first? Did the music volume turn out okay this time? Did I almost kill you with laughter like I apparently did to Brianna in the other one? Remember, the finale comes out this Friday!


  1. Oh my word. And here I thought it couldn't get any better than last time. XD I can't wait to read the last part. But I don't know if it can possibly top this one . . .

    The music volume was perfect - as were the song choices, by the way. :D When "Sans." came on, I had to pause the video because I was laughing too hard to pay attention. XD Oh, and you blinked first. :D

    I managed to avoid near-death this time, unless I die of laughter sometime in the next couple minutes. XD (I am not ruling out that possibility, just saying.)

    Seriously, though, I really want to see what these eel/pufferfish/crocodile things look like. Navy blue and crimson sounds like a great color scheme!

    Also, I . . . well, I laughed hysterically at your Flash joke. I'm sorry. But it was really funny! XD So, I suppose I just have a poor sense of humor. I think anyone who's ever heard me make a pun would agree. XD

    I don't know if I can wait till Friday for the next part. So, if I don't show up to write a ridiculously long comment, I'm probably dead from impatience. :D

    Nice job! This is so much fun. :D


  2. LOLZ. Just as entertaining as the first part! You nailed the music volume this time! *thumbs up*

    Oh my word, the petting the crocodile thing though! That really made me laugh because I ALWAYS joke when a monster appears in a movie or whatever that the heroes should just pet it. XDDD And you ACTUALLY DID IT. Too great!

    The "he went silent" scene with the music had me ROLLING! And then "he growled throatily". Bwahahahaha! Sounds like a word I would have used in my early works as well. I'd definitely like to know what it sounds like to growl footily. *snorts*

    I'm so, so, SO excited about the last part. I've had a blast watching these today!

  3. I actually thought the flash/lightning/thunder joke was kind of funny. Shame on me. :P
    Yeah, I concur, the music volume was just right this time around!

    Don't want to add to your workload, but I just noticed in your bio that it says it is your passion to "purse Christ" I know you meant "pursue" so I figured I would point that out just so you know.

    Looking forward to more!

  4. I'm not trying to be one of "those people" who nitpick typos, btw, just to make my intention clear, XD

  5. Bahaha! xD Awesome part! :)
    It's hilarious to watch you critique the stuff that your younger self wrote. xD Some of the things we said when we were younger (and still say xD) are so cringey! >.<
    The music volume was good! :)
    I look forward to the final part... :D