Monday, April 09, 2018

Oh, the Nostalgia! /// Music Monday #21

Another Monday, another music . . . piece. Song. Thing. It was supposed to be a parody of, "Another day, another dollar," okay? Cut me some slack!

Now, I know I've posted a lot of video game music this year so far, and I wasn't planning to today. Then I listened to a certain song while I was doing dishes, and it brought back so many good memories that I have to share it with you.

"The Grand Finale" from Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story
Composed by Yoko Shimomura

If you've never heard of the Mario & Luigi franchise, you're missing out. They are humorous (and sometimes darker) RPGs featuring the bros facing off against out-of-this-world threats--and in one game, that is literally what happens.

Bowser's Inside Story was my first forage into these games. At first, because of the title, I assumed this game would give Bowser's backstory, but I don't think that's something we'll ever get. Rather, it's about Mario and Co. being sucked inside Bowser's body. This gives you a chance to play as the Koopa King himself in this title. I could go on and on, not just about this game, but the entire series. Instead, I will focus on the song itself.

You've reached the end, and it's time for Bowser to face the foe without and the bros to face the foe within. You might expect some powerfully epic song, but what we get is something else. Something a bit . . . grander. There is an urgency to it, as the Mushroom Kingdom lingers on the brink of destruction. You are the only hope of preventing overwhelming evil from enshrouding the entire land. But wait . . . is there another emotion tucked away in this song? Could it be . . .


I hadn't even realized this until someone asked why it sounded emotional in the video's comments. One person's answer caught my attention. To paraphrase (while doing my best to avoid spoilers, though this game has been out for nine years now), Bowser has lost everything in this game, thanks to the dastardly schemes of the conniving Fawful. And while the King of Awesome may not have revealed his backstory, he has shown more of his character, something virtually none of the Mario games go into. Part of that is his unwillingness to be walked over, especially by his measly Beanish foe.

And so he goes forth to reclaim that which has been taken from him, and also save the whole kingdom. After all, if someone's gonna rule, it'd better be him, right? So perhaps "sorrow" isn't the right word for it. Maybe it's . . .


Oh wait, wrong game.

Anyway, like I said, I could blabber about these games a lot. I'll spare you today, but maybe I'll post more about the series in the future . . .? (Man, my list of posts that I wanna make is absolutely massive.) But I hope you enjoyed the music. It definitely sets the mood for the final curtain; I should know, since the first time I tackled the last battle, it took me about an hour. Or at least, it felt like an hour. I didn't die, though, so that's a plus!

Thanks for tuning in! Have you played any of the Mario & Luigi installments? If you have, what're your thoughts? If you haven't . . . I'm questioning all of your life choices right now.


  1. Would you believe I have NOT played any of the games in this series??? I KNOW. You have full permission to question my life choices! I AM A SHAMEFUL MARIO FAN. I know they're utterly amazing, I just...barely ever play video games period anymore. *sobs* But yeah, I really need to sometime!

    This song is fantastic! It definitely has lots of emotion to it, yes! I can feel the urgency of it all. This would be a great song to write a final battle scene to!

    You seriously can NEVER go wrong with Nintendo music. Ever.

    1. WHAAAT?! Christine, for shame! XD I jest. But yes, do find the time to pick up one of these games. They're well-worth the time and money.

      Definitely one of my favorite final battle video game songs. *suddenly wonders if I ever officially made a list of that* :P

      I almost 100% agree with that statement. Some of their music I don't care, but I love the vast majority of what they make.

  2. As you probably can guess, I have never played a Mario and Luigi game. Surprise, surprise. :D So go ahead and question my life choices all you want. I do that all the time anyway.

    I love this song, though! It's totally video game music, but there's a lot more to it than that. As you said, there's definitely a lot of emotion, but it manages to stay pretty cheerful and upbeat. Thanks for sharing it!

    Dang it, Josiah. I'm not sure what's worse - that you're making Undertale puns, or that I get them. Or that I was listening to the soundtrack before this. *sighs* Thanks so very much. :D Oh, have you ever heard Black Gryph0n's Undertale song "Promise?" If you haven't, I think you might like it.


    1. Yeah, more like no surprise there. XD Is that so? Sounds like a dreadfully awful way to live.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's always good to find people who share my musical tastes. :)

      I wouldn't necessarily call that a pun, but I don't think any of those three things were bad. In fact, they were all pretty great! You're most welcome. XD Yep, I have! That's actually how I found out about him. :)