Monday, May 07, 2018

Old-Timey Tunes /// Music Monday #23

All right, folks, we've got a special song just for you today!

"Floral Fury" from Cuphead
Composed by Kristofer Maddigan

Just like Undertale's popularity may have totally missed you when it released in 2015, the immense success that is Cuphead could've been lost as well. It came out in September of last year (apparently, September is the month for popular indie games to be released), and it was met with critical praise. The premise is simple enough: brothers Cuphead and Mugman lost a bet in the Devil's Casino, but not wishing to have their souls taken, they beg for mercy. The baddie himself has them go collect soul contracts from other debtors who've fled, if the siblings wish to keep their own souls. And thus, the rest of the game is a run and gun series of boss fights that are designed to be quite challenging. (When I played with my friend at his place, it took us at least half an hour just to defeat one boss.)

Part of the game's appeal comes from its animation style. It hearkens back to the Disney cartoons of the 1930s. This is where the music comes in, because it'd probably sound a bit bizarre if the game looked old-timey, but the music was modern.


Thus, the composer also went for the style of the old cartoons. And I gotta say, from what little I've heard, the soundtrack is super catchy! It's fun to listen to something that's completely different from what I normally listen to. The track I'm showcasing today is actually one of the most popular songs from the game. I can see why. It's a perfect representation of the game's animation and sound design, while throwing some really cool and/or unexpected elements. For example, twice in this song it sounds like a monkey is cleaning a window, but rubbing really hard so that it squeaks. (Why a monkey? Because that's what my sisters thought of, whereas I thought of a window being cleaned.)

My favorite part of the song has got to be the melody that first plays at 0:44 and is repeated later on. I just watched a video of the recording of this song, and that part is played mainly by three guys on saxophones. Before I saw the video, I thought for some reason there was a tuba in there. I was also surprised that they didn't have a full-blown orchestra, but rather several musicians. I mean, it was made by an indie company, so I don't know why I expected to see a whole orchestra. Songs like this really give the brass players a run for their money.

Well, I should end my ramble here. But before I do, here's what I think made Cagney Carnation's fight and song so popular:

source; "WHAT'RE THOSE?!"

So what did you think of this classic-sounding tune? Is the music style something you listen to on a regular basis, or stay far away from, or somewhere in-between? Have you played Cuphead? If not, would you?

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  1. I have never heard of this game before. o.o But oh my goodness I LOOOOVE the old timey art style and the music to go with it. It totally looks like an old Disney cartoon. That is so fun!

    The whole game seems pretty great. Though I don't know if I'd have the patience to sit there and defeat one extremely hard boss after the other. XD