Monday, March 26, 2018

Undertale Fan Music /// Music Monday 20

Who's ready for some sick beats?!

Because today, the song is actually a fan-made Undertale rap called . . .

"To the Bone"
Composed by J.T. Music
WARNING: THIS VIDEO CONTAINS MINOR SPOILERS. (I say that because it reveals a couple of things closer to the end, but because no dialogue is shown, it doesn't really spoil all that much.)

That's right! J.T. Music, formerly known as J.T. Machinima (you may remember when I showcased their "Hanzo vs Genji" rap last year), created this epic rap for a game that's even more epic. Actually, this song is their second most popular video on their channel, with 40.5 million views as of right now. They posted this video several months after its original upload, because they made a new music video using SFM--Source Filmmaker.

This is actually one of my favorite raps that they've done. I loved it when I first heard it, but I love it even more now due to me catching more of the references and easter eggs they snuck into the lyrics. My only complaint is that they refer to the human as a "him," whereas I think the main character is clearly a "she." (I know some Undertale fans would get really triggered by that statement, but I don't care.)

It always amazes me that it's one dude doing the singing. He's got some serious vocal prowess, which is evident the more you listen to their stuff. I'll definitely be showing more of their songs in the future, in case you're wondering, but--as I mentioned last time--I can't condone all of their songs due to some swearing and whatnot.

BUT ANYWAY. I feel like, when you're making a song for a game as popular as Undertale, there's more pressure from the fans. And I've listened to covers/remixes/lyrical songs for the game that were "meh" in the end. But there are some really well-made ones, and I think this is one of them. Plus, Sans is laying on the puns, which is always a bonus in my books.

I'm curious as to how this SFM program works, because I've read stuff about things like "character models." So when you see, say, Papyrus in another SFM video, he'll look identical (or similar to) the one here. Whatever the case, the fact that a fan took the time to animate this for them is pretty sweet. Even if Sans doesn't open his mouth when he's saying. *waves hand dismissively* Details.

Anyway, I feel like I'm rambling at this point, so I'll stop. What'd you think of the rap? If you've played Undertale before--or have seen it being played--did you catch all the references? What're your thoughts on the music video itself? Would you like more raps by these guys in the future? Do you want me to quit asking questions now?


  1. Hahaha! That was super entertaining! And made me even MORE curious about the game. I thoroughly enjoyed the video and song, and I bet if I played the game and knew the references I would have LOVED it! So if I ever DO play Undertale, I'll have to watch this again and catch all the things! :D

    But seriously, that was so fun and insanely impressive! I didn't even realize it was one guy singing until I saw you mention it. Wow! Some people are just talented. o.o

    1. I've just been ramping up your curiosity about Undertale this entire month, haven't I? XD Yeah, it's a definitely where the enjoyment increases if you know the source material. I highly recommend you playing the game . . . but that's just my suggestion. :P

      That's why he's one of my favorite rappers. He's very vocally talented. :D