Friday, March 23, 2018

Quotes, Quotes, Quotes! /// The Quote Quota, Part 1

An idea I had for a blog post/series way before I even began The Steadfast Post was one of various quotes. I would just share random quotes that I like--whether they were from books, movies/TV shows, video games, or even YouTube videos--and stick a bunch of them in one post. So that's what I'm doing today!

(Because I had no other idea, so please bear with me.)

I'm not sure how long this post will be. I guess it all depends on how many quotes I can remember or find. Let's begin!

Tigger: "Sssay, where's the propeller on this thing?"
Rabbit: "Tigger, trains don't have propellers! Though it does seem to be missing its rudder."
-"The Good, the Bad, and the Tigger" episode of The New Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Undyne: "Woah!! A fancy restaurant!?"
Papyrus: "Pshhhhhht. Who needs that! Your friends are great chefs!"
Undyne: "Well, maybe our cooking abilities aren't exactly perfect. Nah!!! They totally are!!! Eat up, punk!!"
(You hear spaghetti thwap against the receiver.)
-a phone call with Undyne and Papyrus in Undertale


Gideon: "Oh, what a glorious day!!!!! I can swim on my car!!!!!!!!!"
-from my friend's LEGO Message Boards story Purple Alligator Island

*Brickgirl sits on throne*
Brickgirl: "Where are those pesky guards? They're always gone, running off somewhere and not tending to their duty!"
*four guards rush in*
Batmanfan: "Sorry we're late, Your Highness."
Mtown: "The traffic was terrible . . ."
WarioMan: ". . . the drive-through was slow . . ."
Koren: ". . . and the coffee tasted like mud!"
*Brickgirl facepalms*
Batmanfan: "Your Majesty! You'll bruise yourself if you keep that up."
Brickgirl: "And you'll be imprisoned if you don't stay quiet!"
Mtown, WarioMan, and Koren: "Oh oh oh, she's going to lock you up, and then--"
Brickgirl: "What're you doing?!"
Koren: "Being a quartet, of course."
Batmanfan: "Um, then I should've joined in."
WarioMan: "You can if you want."
Mtown: "Always room for another."
Brickgirl: "No singing! Just find my advisor, and do it NOW!"
-from my LMBs story Brickman's Businesses: A Sitcom

Steve: "I could do this all day."
-Captain America: The First Avenger and Captain America: Civil War

All that is gold does not glitter,
Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost.
From the ashes, a fire shall be woken,
A light from the shadows shall spring;
Renewed shall be blade that was broken,
The crownless again shall be king.
-The Fellowship of the Ring

Roz: "I'm watching you, Wazowski. Always watching. Always."
-Monsters, Inc.

Fawful: "Hah! Now taste the finale, when carelessness opens the door to a comeback not expected by you! Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!"
-Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga


Dan: "They're going to lose their souls? But they're cups!"
-from DanTDM's first Cuphead video

Barbossa: "Why, thank ye, Jack."
Jack: "You're welcome."
Barbossa: "Not you. We named the monkey Jack."
-Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Garmadon: "I swore I'd never return to this place."
Jay: "You know, you should never swear. It's a sign of weak verbal skills."
-"The Invitation" episode of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu

Sammy: "Sheep, sheep, sheep, it's time for sleep. Rest your head. It's time for bed. In the morning, you may wake. Or in the morning, you'll be dead."
-Chapter 2 of Bendy and the Ink Machine

Mark: "Little piggy, no no, little piggy, go home!"
-from many of Markiplier's Outlast videos

Brent: "First of all, do you know what shipping means?"
Kirby: "Um, it's when you put a parcel in the mail, and it travels abroad."
-from one of Brent Miller's interview videos with Kirby Morrow

Indy: "Hidden in the caverns deep . . . lies the jewel's . . . ma-marvelous keep."
Mutt: "Keep. Marvelous. Heh heh . . . Strange words that are put together."
-from a LEGO Indiana Jones video I made

Patrick: "So you see, God is like a shamrock."
Crowd: "Oh great shamrock, you are powerful and--"
Patrick: "No no no no no. This is simply a metaphor."
Crowd: "Oh great metaphor--"
-VeggieTales' St. Patrick's Day video

Robot 1: "Hey, watch it, butterfingers! These fuel cannisters can explode."
Robot 2: "Sorry, it's my first day on the job."
*laser beams start firing on the mining station*
Robot 2: *strangely calm* "Oh no, what's that?" *points at the giant fire now blazing*
-"Ordeal of Fire" episode from the LEGO Hero Factory show

"One day, I swear that I will make you proud
And someday, I know that I will
I will live this down.
One day, I swear that all my fears will drown
And someday, I know that I will
I will make you proud."
-from "One Day" by MDK

"Yes, I know that I'm the only person that can change me
Maybe that's why I ain't changing."
-from "Face It" by NF

"The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why."
-Mark Twain

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I--
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference."
-from "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost


"If at first you don't succeed,
Try, try, try again."
-proverb by William Edward Hickson

"First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Socialist.
Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
Because I was not a Jew.
Then they came for me--and there was no one left to speak for me."
-"First they came . . ." by Martin Niemoller

Mac: "Hey, you're eating by the fire! That's disgusting!"
Jake: "Well, so did you."
*awkward pause*
Mac: ". . . What?"
Jake: "I said, so did you!"
-from a LEGO Pharaoh's Quest video I made with Kaitlyn

Gideon: "Oh dear, oh dear, what have we here.
Looks like Sergeant Brickman is in trouble,
Stuck under rubble?
The zookeepers must go and help!
I can just hear Zapty yelp!
But I, the mighty unemployed minifig,
Will stay right here chewing on a twig.
Dear oh dear,
I'll stay right here.
I'll let those zookeepers run off like a mouse,
While I stay safe and sound . . . in my house!"
Me: "Oh my. That was a lot of unnecessary poetry."
-conversation between me and my friend on the LMBs

Alice: "This is impossible."
Mad Hatter: "Only if you believe it is."
-Alice in Wonderland

"A writer is a world trapped in a person."
-Victor Hugo

Lloyd: "On a scale of one to ten, how bad is it?"
Garmadon: "Oh, I'd say it's about a seven . . . point . . . arm ripped off."
-The LEGO Ninjago Movie

Ghirahim: "Still . . . it hardly seems fair, being of my position, to take all of my anger out of you. Which is why I promise not to upfront murder you . . . No, I'll just beat you within an inch of your life!"
-The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Korg: "I'm made of rocks. You don't need to be afraid unless you're made of scissors."
-Thor: Ragnarok

-from many of Jacksepticeye's Happy Wheels videos


Dez: *answering the phone groggily* "Hello?" *realizes he's holding his starfish* *totally chipper* "Why'd I put my starfish next to my starfish phone?" *answers the phone and immediately reverts to being groggy again* "Hello?"
-an episode of Austin and Ally

Frank: "Chase, my horse is stuck in reverse! Plus, it's missing its head and has a really weird-looking butt!"
Chase: "That's because you're sitting on it backwards, Frank."
Frank: "OOOOOH, that explains why it didn't like that apple I tried to feed it."
-LEGO City Undercover

Hook: "I'm just a humble blacksmith."
-"The Crocodile" from Once Upon a Time

Barry: "How do we keep messing things up when all we want to do is help?"
Harry: "I dunno. But you did once tell me that you have to trust that in the long run, the decisions you make are the right ones."
Barry: "Yep."
Harry: "I was always too good at forgiving myself, Allen. And you were never good enough."
-"Magenta" from The Flash

(It's a dirty sock with a series of notes on it.)
Papyrus: "Sans! Please pick up your sock!"
Sans: "ok."
Papyrus: "Don't put it back down! Move it!"
Sans: "ok."
Papyrus: "You moved it two inches! Move it to your room!"
Sans: "ok."
Papyrus: "And don't bring it back!"
Sans: "ok."
Papyrus: "It's still here!"
Sans: "didn't you just say not to bring it back to my room?"
Papyrus: "Forget it!"
-a note conversation between Papyrus and Sans in Undertale

Broque: "Monsieur! You 'ave zee odor of a gentleman! Ah, oui! It wafts! And a gentleman 'elps zee needy! Surely you 'ave zis credo, oui?"
Bowser: "BAH HA HA! Whatever you're smelling isn't me, pal! I don't do charity! I'm too busy for this!" *turns to leave*
Broque: "STOP, I AM BEGGING YOU! Good Monsieur Turtle Bits! You who I am not smelling!"
-Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
-Edmund Burke

And that's the end of it! What'd you think of it? Would you like to see this become a series, albeit a drawn-out one? Which quote was your favorite, or did you have several? Got any good/humorous/inspiring quotes to share with the rest of us?


  1. Ooh, yes, I want this as a series!!! I love reading quotes - they'll often entice me to read/watch/listen to the entire work. Of course, the LOTR quote was the best, but the LEGO ones made me laugh. XD You and your friends sound like you have way too much fun. :P Also, the "First they came" piece is amazing. I haven't forgotten it since I saw it in the Holocaust Museum.

    Well, this quote's been stuck in my head for a good three days, so I may as well share it. It's from Lindsey Stirling's "Something Wild."
    "If you face the fear that keeps you frozen
    Chase the sky into the ocean
    That's when something wild calls you home, home."

    I could keep sharing quotes . . . but this comment would end up at ridiculous proportions. :D I hope to see another one of these posts sometime soon . . .


    1. Well, then perhaps I'll have to make it one, though with longer spans of time between the posts. Yeah, they're a good method of advertising! It's a very classic quote, so I had to include it. The LEGO movies/TV shows/video games definitely have some great dialogue. XD We do, although it's hard to see how someone can have too much fun. :P It's very inspiring, to be sure.

      Oh, I love that song! Definitely one of my favorites that Lindsey's done. And the movie that it was in was also fantastic. :D

      Yeah, I had to eventually stop myself from adding more. XD Probably won't be for at least another month, but I'll see what I can do. :)

    2. Wait, when you said the LEGO ones, did you mean the ones between my friends and I? XD

  2. QUOTES! This was such a fun post and I'd be all over it being a series! Quotes can be so fun and inspiring. And you pulled out some really great ones! I was smiling and/or nodding the whole time I read this.

    Obviously the Tolkien one is my favorite. But I may be a bit biased. ;D And you can't go wrong with Captain America quotes. Also, "We named the monkey Jack" has always been one of my faaaves. XD

    The Undertale ones made me realize even more how much I need to try that game.

    Alllll the LEGO ones were fantastic! You and your friends are totally hilarious!

    OH. And that Mark Twain one is SO powerful. Definitely one of the greatest quotes out there. The Martin Niemoller one, too!

    Also, all of Dez's lines from Austen and Ally crack me up. He's really the reason to watch that show. Lol.

    1. I suppose I'll have to make it an official series on my blog. :D Thank you! The post was paradoxically both hard and easy to write. Before I started making the post, I thought of a whole bunch of quotes to add. But when I actually sat down, my mind went blank, and I had to dig deeper to remember them.

      Sometimes it's not bad to be biased. ;P Cap quotes are definitely some of the best! I find it easier to imitate Barbossa's voice when I use that line. XD

      That game is chock-full of great quotes! I could've added a whole bunch more, but when I didn't want to really do more than two or so from the same source.

      We are indeed; thank you for recognizing that. XD We definitely had some amazing--and amusing--times together on the LEGO Message Boards.

      He's got a few quotes that I think are really good. I wanted to throw some inspiring quotes in the mix too.

      This is true. If he wasn't in the show, it wouldn't be worth watching.

  3. Awesome post! xD
    Lol, that first quote. Rabbit, smh. xD
    That quote from PotC was hilarious!
    The LEGO Ninjago quote was funny too.
    Ahh, NF. . . T_T
    Those LMBs ones are simply priceless. xD

    I'd definitely like to see this turn into a series! It's so much fun to read quotes like these. :D

    1. Thanks, buddy! Glad you enjoyed it. :D

      Yeah, Rabbit acts as if he's the smartest one of the bunch, when really he can be just as silly. XD

      Have you seen the PotC movies? They've got a number of hilarious quotes.

      Yeah, the humor in that movie is on-point.

      He's got so many great lyrics in his songs. I'll definitely be including more.

      They bring back so many fond memories of our days on there.

      Well, if three people want it, it shall be done! I just don't know what to call the series . . . :P

  4. Oooo! This was a fun post to read! :O You should do another one like this sometime, mhm! XD

    My favorite of the quotes were...

    Oh, gosh, that'd be most of them! XDD (Except, you know, the ones from Markiplier and Jacksepticeye... Heheheh. :P XD)

    Howwwwwww could you add that quote from Mark Twain about the two most important days of someone's life??? (I almost wanted to go cry in a corner... And Tracey played a little of that song about falling down, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or something today!!! Like, how could you both be so cruel to my feels today?! DX) XD

    Anyhoo, great post!!! :D

    1. Well, it was a fun post to write, so I'm glad it was fun on both ends. XD Seems like everyone wants this to become a thing, which I certainly don't have a problem with. :P

      I chose some real good ones, right? XD (*raises my eyebrow* :P)

      Because it's a really good and inspiring quote, that's why. (MWA HA HA! It's our glorious plan to destroy your feels. XD)

      Thanks! :)

  5. "Your lives that I spit on are now but a caricature of a cartoon drawn by a kid who is stupid!"- I'll have to add that one to my list of insults.
    It's hard to pick a favourite from this list- and yes, this would make an excellent series! I love a good quote!

    1. I'd love to see it when you use that insult on someone. Their reaction would be so priceless. XD What'd be even funnier is if that person had played the Mario & Luigi games.

      Yeah, picking a favorite anything can be really hard. Well, everyone's who had commented says they want it to be a series, so it's a done deal. :D