Monday, February 19, 2018

The Music Monday 2017 Awards - Results Announcement

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the conclusion of the first ever Music Monday 2017 Awards!

It is time to announce the results of the final round and find out which song you voted to be the Music Monday of the year. I'm sure you are all super curious, so I won't delay things any longer. (A quick sidenote: I would've posted this earlier, but I've been busy today. That's why this is so late.)

But that's neither here nor there! As you may recall, in the last round, the three songs were:

"Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine

"So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber

"The Avengers" from The Avengers

There were ten votes this time, which means one more person decided to participate. Perhaps this is a sign that we'll get even more voters next year. Here are the results . . . *dramatic drumroll*

First off, "The Avengers" came in third, with 0 votes. I'm unsure as to whether I should feel surprised or not. While this is certainly one of the most iconic superhero themes to have ever been composed in our time, it apparently wasn't as popular and favored as the other two.

Coming in second is "Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine. The song received 4 votes, proving its worth in the Music Monday battlefield. An epic song of heroism and adventure, with a range of emotions throughout and personal memories attached, it nearly nabbed the proverbial trophy in the end. (Fun fact: the song was actually the second track chosen for Music Monday!)

And of course, if you somehow haven't figured out by now, the immensely popular song--with 6 votes in this round--was . . .

So why did people like this song so much? First off, the video has some absolutely stunning and gorgeous footage of space from the International Space Station. It makes you realize just how vast and detailed the expanse beyond Earth really is.

But a music video can't make up for a bad song. There has to be something deeper, and I think that the reason this song won was because it speaks to everyone. Gabriel and Michelle express their desire for a deeper, more meaningful purpose in life. Do we just live on this spinning ball of dust and then die?

No, we don't. Without explicitly saying so, the song refers to God. "And we are not along, but we are drawn away by something I can't explain. It doesn't feel right, but this is our fight, and we will carry on because we long to know the things we can't explain." This is a basic human desire: to live above the mundane and leave a legacy. God helps us realize those dreams and accomplish that, and we strive to carry on day after day.

Lastly, Gabriel and Michelle's voices blend so well. They're both very talented artists, and I hope they'll put out more albums together. I don't care for a lot of male and female singers, but I could listen to these two constantly and not get tired of them. The fact that most people hadn't heard of them before also contributed to the win.

Here are some comments about the winning track:

"After I first heard this song in the first round, I quickly added it to my Spotify playlist and iTunes library . . . And it's been on repeat." -Preston Hiew

". . . I was blown away by 'So Far Away' and I loved its video." -A.R.

"It resonates with me in some way that I can't even explain, but it says what I've been trying to. It's been really good for me, actually." -Brianna Stacyn

"It's a super good song to me . . . I now love to listen to Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber. (´・ω・`)" -Lostfairy

"I absolutely love 'So Far Away' and the ISS footage video (that almost made me cry) with it . . ." -Megan Hiew

". . . AH ITS SU GOOD." -Chloe

Seems like the winner for this year was an excellent--and popular--choice! What did you think of the song, as well as the Awards in general? Are you looking forward to next year, when we'll have double the songs to choose from? Any constructive criticism you could offer me as the host? Congrats to Gabriel and Michelle for creating such an amazing song and music video!


  1. Oh good, it won! XD

    I loved all the other songs too, but this was special - it's now one of my favorite songs. (We'll pretend I don't have it on repeat right now . . . :D ) The musical part of the song is amazing, but the lyrics make it just so much more powerful.

    The Awards were awesome, but I'm dreading next year. How will I ever be able to choose, especially with the wonderful songs you pick?? One thing, the first round did get a little long, and I'm curious about how you're planning to do it next time. Maybe it could be split up a bit more next year?

    And now I'm sad that it's over. :( Great job!


    1. Hooray! *throws confetti into the air* XD

      That's really cool to hear! It's awesome when people love the music I suggest. (Why would we do that? XD It's okay, I had it on repeat for when I wrote this post.) Indeed they do.

      It's going to be VERY difficult. XD Yeah, that would probably be best. How would you suggest going about it?

      What's that quote again? "Don't be sad it's over, smile because it happened"? Something like that, anyway. :P Thank you! And I edited in your comment about the song, because for some reason I included everyone's comments but yours. I have no idea why. XD

  2. Even though the one I voted for didn't win, I can't be sad because this song absolutely deserves a win. And I was close to voting for it! It's so breathtaking. Their voices do blend perfectly, and the lyrics are just...powerful. I don't know, I can't explain it. But I don't have to, because you already did. You said it perfectly!

    Congrats to So Far Away!!!

    And thank YOU for hosting this. It was a blast and I definitely can't wait 'til next year! :D

    1. I was secretly hoping that "Ice of Phoenix" would win as well. It's a wonderful song. I hope they collaborate more in the future. Well, thank you! I'm glad you think so. XD :)

      It will go down in history as the first winner of the Awards.

      You're most welcome! I had a lot of fun doing it. Things will be even more intense next time. :P

  3. Hooray! :D
    So Far Away. . . Really good song. . . Really good music video.
    I was drawn to this song by something I can't explain.

    I enjoyed participating in the Awards! :D Wait, did you just say double?? :O Well, I might have a harder time choosing, but at least I'll be able to have more great songs to listen to!

    Thanks for hosting!

    1. Indeed. It's nice to see artists put time and effort into their music.

      Ha! I see what you did there. XD

      That's the way it should be. :) I did, yes. I managed to do Music Monday posts for exactly half of 2017. :P That's the spirit! *slaps you on the back* XD

      You're welcome; thank you for voting. ^_^

  4. *Cheers*
    Thanks for hosting these awards, Josiah! Looking forward to next year!

    1. *dances and scares everyone away by doing so* XD

      You're most welcome. I enjoyed playing the part of a professional host for the prestigious Awards. :P It'll be even more fun!

  5. YUUUSS my favourite... hehehe!!! <3 A nd you included my quote, I feel honoured ^_^
    A huge thanks from me for hosting the Music awards, Joe. That was really fun. :)
    Wow... when you say *next* year, do you mean we have to wait until this time in 2019 to vote for the 2018 songs?? :O *collapses* :P

    1. I figured you'd be happy when you found out which song won. ;) Well, how could I not?

      You're very welcome. I also found it to be a blast. The next Awards are going to be even more fun. :D

      Yes, that is true. *stares* Uh, did I say something wrong? XD