Monday, February 05, 2018

The Music Monday 2017 Awards - The Final Round

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the final--and most difficult--round of the first ever Music Monday 2017 Awards!

There were once again nine voters (myself included) in the last round, so let us tally up the votes!

July and August: "Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine with 7 votes. (It seems as though "If You Love These People" wasn't terribly popular.)

September and October: "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber with 6 votes. ("Impossible" only got 3 votes? I'm noticing a trend here . . .)

November and December: "The Avengers" from The Avengers with another 6 votes. ("Coincidence? I think not!")

As it turns out, there were definitely some songs that were popular than the others. But which one will take the cake? It's time to vote for your favorite of the three finalists!

The Final Round

"Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine

versus "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber

versus "The Avengers" from The Avengers

As usual, you have two weeks to vote, meaning February 18th is the last day for voting in this round. Choose wisely, because the song that wins will go down in history as the top Music Monday song of 2017!

Enjoy the pain of picking one of these three songs!


  1. *grits my teeth* As hard as it is to just pick one of these amazing songs, my final vote goes to . . .

    "Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine. While I (obviously) don't have to, I'll explain my reasoning behind it.

    The song is personal for me. A couple years back, I was taking a walk while listening to music. Often when I go on walks, I like to contemplate life, cook up story ideas, dream a little . . . you get the idea. So I'm walking, and I wonder if I'll ever have more friends, particularly face-to-face ones. I was kinda asking God when that'd happen, and it was bumming me out.

    Then this song played. In that moment, it felt like God was telling me, "Its going to get better. Hang on to your hope. I have friends coming your way." It helped me turn back to a positive outlook.

    Thinking about it now almost brings tears to my eyes, because He has given me more friends since then. This song will always remind me of it, and that's why it gets my vote.

    (It also happens to be on a playlist as a theme for one of my most-relatable characters, Kayne, so that's another reason.)

  2. I think these three songs definitely deserve to be here! From the very beginning of these contest, I knew which one I'd vote for if it made it to the final round... I vote for "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber!
    After I first heard this song in the first round, I quickly added it to my Spotify playlist and iTunes library... And it's been on repeat. xD It goes without saying that I really really like this song. :) So, Josiah, thanks for making this contest and introducing me to it! :D
    May the best song win.

    1. I figured you'd be voting for that one. Do you know how many times you've listened to it, approximately? XD You're very welcome! Thanks for your participation. ;)

  3. Okay,I loved all three of these. But my vote goes to "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber. The other two were amazing as well. "The Avengers" would be great for writing tense scenes or fight scenes. As would "Ice of Phoenix". But I was blown away by "So Far Away" and I loved its video.

    1. Yeah, they did a fantastic job with everything for that song, from the lyrics to the music to the video. Thanks for voting! :D

  4. *dies*

    This is far too hard. Don't you think it's asking a little much to ask people to willingly put themselves through torture to choose a song? XD

    On second thought, I like it narrowed down a bit. I have less awesomeness to choose from, which can be helpful at points. :D

    All righty. I'm going to have to join the two above me and say "So Far Away." For some reason, that song has wormed its way into my favorites list, my head, and my memory. It resonates with me in some way that I can't even explain, but it says what I've been trying to. It's been really good for me, actually.

    So, thanks for the music!! It's been great, and I can't wait till this happens again! :D


    1. It wasn't supposed to be torture. That was never my intention when I came up with the Awards. XD

      I'm glad you loved the song so much. Introducing people to great music and then hearing that they enjoyed it is just a lot of fun. :D

      You're very welcome! You only have to wait a year. :P

  5. Ahhhh! This is so intense! XD

    I can easily say, though, I vote for So Far Away. It’s a super good song to me and because of that one time that you picked it for a Friday breakfast, I now love to listen to Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber! (´・ω・`)

    1. MWA HA HA! XD

      Well, I'm glad I could introduce to some new artists. :)

  6. Oh my gracious.
    All of these are so, SO deserving of being here. Just...just...ALL THE AMAZING MUSIC.

    I think I'm gonna have to choose...

    *deep breath*

    "Ice of Phoenix"
    It gives me that sense of the epic. It makes me want to put pen to paper and write about brave heroes and grand adventures. Or have a grand adventure myself. Any song that gives me that magical feeling is a winner in my book. (Plus I'm just a sucker for Audiomachine and epic scores in general, what can I say?)

    This has been so fun! (If not exceedingly difficult. :P) I cannot wait to see which one the winner is!

    1. Aye, if only we could pick them all, right?

      I'd have to agree with all those points. Well, by now you've seen the winner, so . . . yay! XD

  7. Hmmmm....I say....."Ice of Phoenix"!

  8. I absolutely love "So Far Away" and the ISS footage video (that almost made me cry) with it, so my vote goes to that song.
    Both "Ice of Phoenix" and "Avengers" are glorious songs too, though!!
    Thanks for the contest, Josiah! ^_^

    1. Yeah, space is absolutely gorgeous. Thank YOU for participating in all the rounds! :D

  9. I'm down to the wire AGAIN, but I think I'll go with... Ice of Phoenix. I still really like the Avengers and So Far Away--all worthy contestants--but the first one has such a great range of emotion. It captures my imagination every time!