Monday, January 22, 2018

The Music Monday 2017 Awards - Round 2

Welcome back, ladies and gentlemen, to the first ever Music Monday 2017 Awards!

Last time, nine of you (and that includes me) voted for the best song of each month. Here are the results.

July: "Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine, with 5 votes. (The other two songs got two votes each.)

August: "If You Love These People" from Man of Steel with 8 votes. (I think this should be called "If You Love This Song, Then Vote For It" . . . okay, that was lame.)

September: "Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)" by Two Steps From Hell with 5 votes. (Just barely won!)

October: "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber with 7 votes. (A very popular song, I take it.)

November: "A Closer Understanding of the Past" from Ori and the Blind Forest with 5 votes. (Again, a close call!)

December: "The Avengers" from The Avengers with 7 votes. (I kinda saw this coming, to be honest.)

Thank you all for voting! But it doesn't stop here. Now we must determine who the three finalists will be. Trust me, voting is about to become even harder. Buckle up!

July and August

"Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine

versus "If You Love These People" from Man of Steel

September and October

"Impossible (feat. Merethe Soltvedt)" by Two Steps From Hell

versus "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber

November and December

"A Closer Understanding of the Past" from Ori and the Blind Forest

versus "The Avengers" from The Avengers

It is your time to act again! Which three songs will you choose? You have another two weeks to vote. That means February 4th is the last day for voting in the second round. If you feel so led, spread the word about the Awards. The more voters, the better!

Which of these 6 songs do you think will become #1? I'm very curious as to which it'll be!


  1. Okay, let's get this out of the way before I continue. *inhales deeply* AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!! *takes another deep breath* Okay, now that I've got the frustration out of my system, I shall vote.

    July and August: My gut says "Ice of Phoenix." I can't shake what this song has meant to me in the past, so I will stay loyal to it.

    September and October: Can I pick both, please? No? Fine . . . I'll go with "Impossible."

    November and December: DON'T MAKE ME DO THIS! *sighs* As much as I'm a fan of Marvel and its amazing scores . . . I'm voting for "A Closer Understanding of the Past."

    Man, whoever invented these Awards is somehow both clever and evil. So clevil, I guess? XD

  2. This is SO. HARD. You have perfected the art of subtle torture.

    All right, here goes.

    "If You Love These People" And yes, that joke was terrible. :D
    "So Far Away" Hey, did you know that this is great for writing depressing poetry? XD
    "A Closer Understanding of the Past" I love this song. The percussion used is so cool!

    Brianna |

    1. *marks that down on my list of life accomplishments* Yeah, it was pretty difficult to choose.

      Trust me, most of my jokes are terrible. :P

      It is? I didn't think it was that depressing. XD

      To be honest, I don't really notice the percussion all that much. I guess get caught up in the other instruments.

    2. *raises eyebrows* It was - but it was worth it!

      Bad jokes are the best! I've gotten to the point where people are surprised if one of my jokes is actually good. XD

      I don't need much inspiration for depressing poetry. Which is weird, because I'm a very happy person most of the time. :D

      I don't know why it stuck out to me, but it did. Now I'll have to go listen to it again . . . :D


    3. *raises eyebrows too* That's good to know!

      I'm probably like that too. Then again, I don't usually ask people what they think of my jokes. XD

      Yeah, that is a little weird. :P

      You do that! :)

    4. *wonders why you're copying me* Good. :)

      Believe me, I don't have to ask. The loud groans and overdramatic fake deaths say it all. XD

      Just a little, right? :P

      Thanks, I will! :D

  3. Oh boy, it's getting real now.

    July and August: "Ice of Phoenix"
    September and October: "So Far Away"
    November and December: "The Avengers"

    May the best songs win.

    1. Bro... we chose the same songs. #likewut :/

      And I hadn't seen your comment, because I'd opened this page first thing this morning and hadn't reloaded it until after finishing my post just now!! XD XD

    2. Woah, that's cool! #notincollusion xD

    3. You guys must be . . . *drumroll*

      Dun dun dun . . .

      *wait for it*


      *insert airhorn noises* XD

  4. Agh nooo, Josiah... now it's even harder!! *hides under a rug*

    July and August: Ice of Phoenix :) As much as I love If You Love These People, I really like Audiomachine's mysterious build-up more.

    September and October: So Far Awaaay!! No words needed <3

    November and December: I'm sorry Ori... </3 :P But I've gotta choose The Avengers. XD

    1. There are better places to hide than under a rug . . . like under a blanket! *tosses a blanket on to the rug you're hiding under*

      Yeah, it's a fantastic song. :D

      My loyalty lies with TSFH. XD

      Fans will be fans. XD

  5. UUUUUGGGHHHH. Now I have to choose favorites out of my favorites?!?! You are definitely clevil! :P

    *deep breath*

    July and August: "Ice of Phoenix" by Audiomachine

    September and October: UGH UGH UGH UGGGHHHH!!!! This was the hardest. I think I like both of those songs equally!!! RRrrrgghhh. I guess I'll go with "So Far Away" by Gabriel Brown and Michelle Creber? I GUESS. *collapses*

    November and December: "A Closer Understanding of the Past" from Ori and the Blind Forest (BUT I ALSO LOVE THE AVENGERS THEME. *flaaails*)

    Welp, I think I just died from decision making. SO THANKS! :P

    1. Yes, you do. MWA HA HA! XD I'm a little clevil devil, am I? :P

      *pats you on the shoulder* Yeah, I know the pain. It's like picking your favorite child . . . right? XD

      That choice was probably the most difficult for me. My loyal heart was torn! XD

      You're welcome! But you still need to be alive for the final round next week. :P

  6. This is getting intense now! Right, I think I'll vote...
    -Ice of Phoenix
    -The Avengers

    1. It's on like . . . I dunno. My brain abandoned me in my time of need. XD Thanks for voting! :D

  7. Argh! I love all of these!!! Okay. If I absolutely HAVE to pick my favorites...

    -Ice of Phoenix
    -The Avengers

    The next round is going to be brutal!

    1. Yeah, why'd I have to make this so difficult? XD

      You better believe it is!

  8. Ice of Phoenix
    So Far Away
    The Avengers


    1. Thanks for voting! And we shall if "So Far Away" makes it to the next round . . . XD

  9. Eek! This should be hard. But I'm not sure if its going to be super accurate, since I was too late and lazy to vote sooner. Sorry!!!! >.<

    -"If You Love These People"

    -"So Far Away"

    -"The Avengers"

    Der you go. Me vote is now in. Boom!

    1. You better be sorry! XD Nah, I'm just kidding.

      Um . . . thanks? :P