Sunday, January 28, 2018

Music Monday #16

How is it already time to make another one of these posts?

Well, to carry on this month's theme of wintery video game music, I have for you today . . .

"Silver Snow Story" from Kirby: Triple Deluxe
Composed by Nintendo

Yes, I know I recently picked a Kirby song, but I couldn't not showcase this song to you guys. I just love the cheery vibe to the song. Every instrument in this song somehow manages to sound chilly. And the violin! That's my favorite part of the track. I feel like this song is referencing another Kirby tune, but I can't place it . . . Anyone got any ideas?

Okay, so I was actually looking for the picture included down below, and I had to look up on the Kirby wiki which stage that was. I found out that it was the fourth stage in Old Odyssey (the third world of the game, if you care to know). In the trivia section, it mentioned how the music in that stage was a remix of "Peanut Plains" from Kirby Super Star.

Why did I include this random fact? Well, the first Kirby game I ever played was Kirby Super Star Ultra. "Peanut Plains" would've been one of the first Kirby songs I heard, so my nostalgia was subconsciously activated when I heard this tune. Which, by the way, just got ten times better! Seriously, finding this out is kinda mind-blowing for me, and makes me love the game even more.

If you own any system in the 3DS family, you have got to play Triple Deluxe! With a similar art style to Kirby's Return to Dream (which is my all-time favorite installment in the franchise for numerous reasons), this title is just pure fun. I have never played a Kirby game that I haven't enjoyed. Everything in this game--from the style to the music to the world/level design to the characters--screams perfect.

One of the coolest things about the game is the background elements. Take a look at the level this music plays in:


As you can see, the levels have foreground and background, which adds a new element to puzzles and fighting bad guys, who can switch between the two. Just the fact that this game has literal depth is pretty great.

I'll stop rambling now. What're your thoughts on the music? Which Kirby game was your first? And if you haven't played one, I feel truly sorry for you. You're missing out on a great life experience.


  1. Aaannnddd I accidentally posted this too early. That's what I get for being prepared! XD Well, enjoy the Music Monday on a Sunday, everyone! :D

  2. Yeah, I was wondering what was going on. XD However, I'm not going to complain! I just get great music extra early! :D

    What an awesome piece of music!! It's so happy - I really like it. Perfect theme music for my week. :D The piano and other instruments are really nice to hear, especially in video game music. I love your Music Monday posts, (even the ones posted on Sundays! XD ) partially because I get to hear music I probably would never have discovered on my own. Thanks!

    Oh, and I've . . . never played a Kirby game . . . *hides*


    1. I had wanted to schedule it before I started writing the post, but then I thought I would remember it later. And look what happened. XD That's the positive way to look at things! :D

      It sets the mood for a fun, happy week. :) I love how diverse and creative video game music is these days. I think that's the whole point of them. To get other people to hear something they might not normally listen to. And then I have the chance to share my passion for fantastic music! You're welcome! ^_^

      Do you have a Nintendo system? Any Wii, Wii U, Switch, 3DS, 2DS, DS, anything at all? :P

  3. Hey, getting this post a day early is just a happy surprise! And one can NEVER go wrong with more Nintendo music! IT'S THE BEST! This one is so happy and pleasant, I love it! Though I've never played the game. Ya know, I honestly haven't played THAT many Kirby games. Not sure why...I just never got around to it. And I can't even remember all the ones I HAVE played. #Pathetic

    But the first one I played was Kirby Dream Land. As in the FIRST Kirby game. As in the one on the Game Boy. As in the first Game Boy. Yeppp. I'm that old. o.o

    1. *Kirby's Dream Land (somehow the apostrophe S went missing... XD)

    2. I'm glad you see it that way. XD You speak the truth, my friend! They have some very talented composers working for them. You should play more of them! I can happily give you recommendations. :)

      Ha, nice! XD I've played that game, actually, though not the original. I played it on Kirby's Dream Collection, a Wii game released to celebrate the franchise's 20th anniversary. It includes the first six main games, as well as a soundtrack featuring a few songs from each main title! :D

      (Ah, I knew what you meant. XD)