Monday, August 28, 2017

The First Lyrical Song /// Music Monday #5

It's that day again! You know . . . that one! The one with the musical stuff. On a day like Monday. Capiche?

To celebrate five Music Monday posts (what an achievement!), I chose to suggest a lyrical song to you guys. Lately, I've really been into video game raps, so I picked one of my favorites.

"Hanzo vs Genji"
Composed by J.T. Machinima

So this is a rap battle between two characters from an online fighting game called Overwatch. It's been quite the popular game, and is still going strong since it released in May of last year. If you're concerned about knowing the backstory of these dudes so you understand the references in the rap, don't sweat. The song does a good job of explaining their history. But here's the official video, just in case.

I really love the Oriental feel of some of the song's instrumentation. But the main chorus of the song is my favorite part. When the music gets muffled . . . I dunno. It's just an awesome effect. Speaking of which, another cool thing that they did was, when headphones/earbuds are being used, make Hanzo's voice stronger in the left side and Genji's in the right.

According to a comment on YouTube, Hanzo's cry of "ryuu ga waga teki wo kurau" means "let the dragon consume my enemies." Genji yelling "ryuujin no ken wo kurae" is him saying "the dragon becomes me." The exact translation is a bit iffy, since people were debating it. But that seems to be a close approximation.

I actually didn't really care for rap music until I started listening to J.T. Machinima, who actually is two guys: one who does the singing and one who does most of the writing and music video making. The guy's vocal prowess is amazing, because he can do a ton of different voices. While I can't condone or recommend all of their songs, since a good number of them have swearing, I do enjoy them for the most part. I'll probably feature some of their other clean songs on my blog.

Well, I don't have anything else to say. My apologies for the short post--unless you like Music Monday posts to be shorter? Let me know! I also put the video at the beginning of the post, due to a suggestion by Tracey. Is it a good change? (It's kinda hard to say this time around, since this song actually had a video to watch with it.)

Hope you guys enjoyed the music! Do you like or dislike rap? What'd you think of this song? Do you have any suggestions for these posts? Am I asking too many questions?


  1. XD Nice pick, Josiah! :P

    To answer your questions... Sometimes I enjoy rap. But I don't listen to lot of it, so I don't know for sure if I'm a fan of it. XD

    It's a interesting song. The animation is kinda cool, I must say.

    XD Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for these posts. :P

    Nope! Not too many questions! XD XD

    1. Thanks, Chloe! Hey, why'd you do the joking emote? XD

      Rap's a bit of a harder genre to get into. Some rap I like, but most I don't.

      The animation is pretty great! It'd be cool if they made Overwatch into a TV show or something. :)

      That's too bad. :P

      I realized after I posted this that I've already asked that question in one of my older posts. I blame my tired brain. XD

  2. I normally dont like rap XD Kinda depends
    Awesome post! :D

    1. That's understandable. It's not a genre everyone loves. XD

      Thank you, Sarah! :D Glad you enjoyed it.

  3. Ooh, rap! The only stuff vaguely like rap music I've listened to is TobyMac's music. XD But this is a cool song! :)

    1. TobyMac's pretty good. XD Have you heard of NF? He's another Christian rapper that I enjoy. I mean, I've only listened to "Mansion," "Wait," and that song he did with TobyMac whose name I can't remember. :P Yep, it is! I'm happy that you enjoyed it. :D