Monday, August 14, 2017

Music Monday #4

Iiiitttt'ssss Monday! And you know what that means?

How did you guess so easily?! Oh, wait, maybe it's because there's the giant, obvious banner thing. My bad.

So the track I have for you guys today is actually from the second soundtrack I ever bought. You'll be listening to . . .

"If You Love These People" from Man of Steel
Composed by Hans Zimmer

This song is one of my favorites from the soundtrack. It's used in the conclusion to the final battle between Superman and General Zod, so it's interesting that it's the fifth track on the album. I decided to one day arrange all the songs in their chronological order, and I quickly discovered why the songs were arranged the way they were. When I put them in their proper order, most of the initial tracks were quieter, and the ones later on were intense. To give a good balance, they were scattered from the original order.

Also, the reason why I bought this soundtrack was to have some Superman music for when I wrote the sequel to The Attack on Gotham, titled The Metropolis Siege. Never wrote much of the story, but I don't regret purchasing the CD--though I should've bought the deluxe edition instead of buying the bonus songs on iTunes later.

Now, as for the actual music, it's awesome. I'd describe as emotionally intense, which makes for an interesting final confrontation track. But it suits the scene well, especially the end. I'd like to actually comment on that, so SPOILER ALERT (although this movie is four years old, so if you haven't seen it by now, chances are you probably heard or read what I'm about to talk about)!

A lot of people have complained about how Superman kills Zod by snapping his neck, because it's out of character for Superman. But I honestly think it adds depth to this version of the hero. He always seemed way too perfect: few weaknesses, many strengths. In this scene, though, Superman was forced to make a choice. Would he let an innocent family die, when he possessed the power to stop that from happening? Or would he finish off Zod, who, although he was an evil murderer, at heart just wanted his people to survive and be protected? Now Zod's the last of Superman's kind.

In that split second, Superman made the heroic choice.

But no one ever said the heroic choices were the easy--or even the best--ones.

Personally, I wished they had followed up more on Superman's regret in Dawn of Justice, but they were already trying to do too much as it was. Whatever the case, I enjoyed the dilemma Supes faced, if that doesn't weird at all. But enough of me ranting.

What did you guys think of not only the music, but the conclusion of Superman and Zod's fight? Did Superman make the right choice? Are people justified in protesting against the bold character choice? Do tell all in your comments!


  1. This sounds like the epic conclusion to a battle of massive proportions. I love it! :D

    1. Then the music did its job, because that's exactly what it's for. XD Same! I'm using it in the playlists for at least two of my stories. :D